The New summer clothing collection 2022 for Mens

In the summer season, everyone demands attire that seems comfortable and airy. The piece of clothing which sticks to the body and is of warm stuff is disliked in the summer season. Every season has its own clothing line according to the seasonal change. Hansensurf has launched their new summer collection 2022, which can be used for dressing up in a cool way, revealing the best fashion taste and comfort.

New Mens Summer cloth collection 2022

We know that clothes are an integral part of our life. Clothes help protect our body from harmful injuries and help cover up the body. The best attires are the ones that build up a strong personality, and for such a purpose, the clothing line matters a lot. Summer clothing collection launched by Hansensurf focuses on introducing the best collection for Men’s which can provide comfort to the body in drenching hot weather.

The clothing line’s stuff and material in the summer season matter a lot. The main focus of this summer collection 2022 is to provide top-notch quality fabric in their attires that can fulfill the demand of trending fashion and provide comfort to the body in this scorching heat of the sun.

Casual wear and new summer collection 2022

The summer collection doesn’t mean that it includes a variety of expensive clothes and cannot be worn as casual wear. The new summer collection 2022 is designed in such a way that it can be worn as a casual wear too, along with fulfilling the demand for party wear and other functions. An unlimited range of vibrant colors is introduced in this clothing line, providing a refreshing and cool feeling to the eyes. Such trending colors are the demands of the summer season and are demanded a lot by people which our clothing line is providing willingly.

Advantages of new summe Clothing collection 2022

New summer collection 2022 is advantageous in many ways due to its fabric, comfort, and availability. This summer collection range holds the fabric of the cloth, which protects from UV rays harmful to the skin. The fabric of summer collections is usually not fragile, but special focus is laid on this issue for providing the best item to the purchasers. Moreover, the summer collection provides easiness and comfort to their purchasers and helps absorb sweat and perspiration by all means. It will eventually keep the person cool in the dazzling rays of the tropical sun.

Mens new summer collection can be used as both; casual wear and formal wear. It has an unlimited range of refreshing and vibrant colors selected according to the trending fashion and demands of people.

There is a wide range of loose and fashionable clothes for their purchasers. In summers, most people prefer to wear loose clothes to avoid sweat and perspiration, so all kinds of sizes are available that a person can choose easily.

It is a collection that is worth demanding and a must to purchase. With an unlimited number of trending and refreshing patterns with vibrant colors, this clothing collection is a must-to-purchase.

Top Six Reasons to Outsource Telemarketing

There are many companies who successfully manage their telemarketing campaigns in-house and, on the surface, this might appear a very cost effective option that uses spare capacity. You could be forgiven for thinking that anyone who can communicate over the phone is capable of being a telemarketer. And surely, someone from within your organisation should be better able to represent you than someone from an outside organisation ……right? As with most things, it isn’t quite that simple…

1. Specialist Skills

The ability to hold a conversation on the phone does not make for a qualified, competent telemarketer or telesales professional. It takes a particular set of skills and natural aptitude to sustain high volume calling at the standard required to produce good quality outcomes, particularly in the B2B lead generation environment. An agency will take great pains to recruit the right individuals, putting a pool of callers at the disposal of the client, to be assigned according to the needs of each campaign – including multilingual agents for overseas campaigns.

Some skills can be taught but others are inherent to an individual’s personality, including self-confidence and the tenacity to stay focused and maintain performance, despite repeated rejection. There is nothing easy or attractive about cold calling and even hardened salespeople shy away from it, especially those accustomed to warm, sales qualified leads. The strong persuasive skills required for demand generation, are very different attributes to those needed for a research task or survey, and agencies recruit and match skills accordingly.

Here at The Telemarketing Company, our agents undergo industry standard training – Institute of Sales Management for our persuasive team and Market Research Society/Interviewer Quality Control Scheme for our CATI market researchers) – to equip them with baseline skills – solution selling, rapport building, listening skills – in line with their specialism’s. This is then supplemented by campaign specific training on the client’s brand and proposition, the competitive landscape, product benefits, and customer pain points.

This level of training puts tools at the disposal of agency staff that are not available to the average individual in a typical office environment.

2. Proactive Account Management

Whilst telemarketing can be a catch all phrase, it encompasses many different activity types including lead generation, appointment setting, transactional telesales, inbound call handling and, in some cases, pre and post sales telephone research. An experienced account manager with broad and deep knowledge of these areas will apply best practice from previous campaigns, whilst working to understand what needs to be done differently, as no two campaigns are the same.

They will:

Assign agents with the right skills and experience for your campaign profile.
Work on a detailed brief capturing your proposition, USPs, key messages and desired outcomes using a framework such as BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timing) to understand the key criteria that define value for you.
Implement an early stage campaign review capturing client and agent feedback so that barriers and pain points not covered by the brief are addressed from the start.
Listen to call recordings to understand which agents and approaches are most effective so that best practice is shared across the team.
Identify pockets of data and sectors that are getting more traction than others, so that resource can be targeted where it brings most return.
Establish an ongoing feedback loop using reporting tools, regular reviews and regular communication with agents and client to optimise campaign performance.
The level of expert account management ensures that each campaign has the best chance of delivering strong ROI.
3. Structured, Systematic Approach

An account manager within an agency also has the benefit of detailed insight into campaign performance provided by a bespoke calling platform:

The calling platform increases the fluidity of the calls and allows agents to track pipeline, capture notes and feedback. Productivity levels in this environment are naturally higher (15-20 calls out per hour) than in-house where the individual may be grappling with a standard CRM, or potentially calling from and manually updating a list in excel.

Reporting and Metrics
This type of platform also provides a wealth of reporting and metrics giving the account manager increased visibility, enabling them to optimise campaign performance at both the agent and campaign level.

Data Management
The platform, and the reporting it supports, facilitates data management –a natural cornerstone of any successful calling campaign. It will highlight where data quality is poor and which pots of data are feeding the pipeline and results. Rather than burning through data for quick wins, agents can nurture the pipeline, schedule call backs, send literature to follow up and develop opportunities for both the short and long term.

Call Recordings
Call recordings add a further layer of visibility and transparency, providing the perfect tool to monitor ongoing performance, giving clients clear insight into how their proposition is presented and received, enabling them to provide feedback to optimise results.

These increased layers of visibility and the consistent, structured approach coupled with bespoke platforms and systems provide a much better foundation for success than a typical office infrastructure.

4. Resource Management

Agency callers are in a results-driven, competitive setting, where everyone is 100% focused on the same, or similar tasks. It is harder to focus when juggling a mix of reactive and proactive tasks, and easier to be distracted in a less controlled environment. Individuals making calls in an office environment where no one else is calling, may also feel self-conscious, especially if they lack training.

Finances permitting, it is possible to recreate a call centre environment in-house, taking the same approach in terms of staff recruitment, training and ongoing coaching, as well as IT infrastructure. Yet, even with the required investment, it may still be difficult to match the capability and flexibility of an outsourced resource.

A larger pool of agents shared across multiple campaigns allows the agency to move callers around to ramp a campaign up or down as required to maintain a consistent flow of leads, or respond to peaks and troughs when managing inbound leads.
If you are looking to expand overseas, an agency can not only provide multilingual agents but can support out of hours calling, which is part and parcel of the environment but may be less acceptable in a normal office set up.
Agency resource can also be applied at very specific times of day according to the target sector profile. Calling into schools, for example, is often more successful later in the afternoon, as you have a better chance of reaching decision makers. An in-house team may not be as flexible with their time or their ability to target calls.
A large team of trained, seasoned callers provides a broader skill set and broader spread of experience to deal with different levels of decision maker, different functions, sectors and outcome types, as well as market stage. If traction is gained in a particular segment, agency resource can be shifted easily to where it will bring the best return, without a significant training overhead.
Aside from the flexibility of resource, an in-house team requires significant management time, not just to ensure campaigns run effectively but also to deal with personnel issues – holiday, sickness, turnover, as well as training and development. With an outsourced solution, the agency will manage all these aspects, without any impact on in-house management time and resource.

5. Brand Reputation

A structured framework, which supports a consistent approach, allows you to control how your brand is presented. A thorough brief, close supervision and ongoing monitoring through call recordings and detailed reports, ensures the message conveyed reflects your brand values and guarantees correct positioning of your propositions.

An in-house employee may already be familiar with your brand and could be perceived as being in a better position to answer technical or probing questions about products or services, but an agency with a strong brief can be very effective in presenting a client’s proposition. Agents are given very specific training on the propositions they present, with a clear process for escalating questions, or scheduling follow ups with sales or in-house teams where required. They typically follow a solution selling approach, asking open questions and capturing feedback and insight, but with a clear understanding of the extent of their remit.

A managed, measured approach based on a solid, thorough brief with a consistent message, continually monitored for quality and consistency will safeguard your brand reputation. A less structured and supervised environment and approach may be less effective.

6. Return on Investment

Whether handled in-house or through an agency, telemarketing can be one of the more expensive marketing channels. However, done well, it can produce a very strong ROI, particularly in the B2B sector where outcomes often have higher values.

In this respect, a controlled, measured approach is critical to secure the quality of output you need. Investing resource without a means to monitor the effort can be a false economy, producing an inconsistent flow of poor quality leads, which sap sales time and divert resource from real opportunities.

Once you have a sizeable team, ensuring they are fully utilised and minimising downtime is essential to ensure a return on that investment, but this can be a challenge as requirements fluctuate. An agency with a large pool of callers, managing multiple clients, can move resource around and re-deploy callers should requirements fluctuate at short notice.


Many businesses have, over time, built very successful in-house telemarketing teams producing a steady flow of high quality opportunities for their sales team, but this will have inevitably brought with it challenges and low points. What’s more, it is rarely the easiest or most cost effective option. Beyond the obvious financial investment, there are many important considerations including management overhead and time, hidden costs such as call charges, IT infrastructure, and of course higher personnel counts and costs.

Outsourcing may not make sense for every organisation but it certainly has advantages, high up on that list must be the productivity levels that can be achieved by dedicated agency teams, and tried and tested campaign management on purpose built technology platforms. And, if you are new to telemarketing or telesales – perhaps exploring a new approach or dealing with a short term requirement – an outsource option allows you to evaluate different models and approaches, in particular ‘build or buy’, to determine what’s right for you and your business.

Trendy Summer fashion for women in 2022

Summer is going all out, and its comeback has made for a very elegant start to the season. Summer is the ideal season to dress your body up, and while it can be a difficult season to dress for at times, there are a few simple but effective techniques to dress for extreme heat and mugginess. So, Hansensurf has released their new summer collection 2022 for women, which can be used to dress you up in a pretty way while also revealing your best style, taste, and comfort.

Latest women’s summer fashion for 2022

During the late summer, the goal should be to have as much wind as possible. Consider sleeveless blouses and off-shoulder or puff-sleeve shirts instead of going entirely strapless. Casual shirts are also a fantastic option. The goal is to have as much wind as possible. Consider sleeveless blouses and off-the-shoulder or puff-sleeve shirts if you don’t want to go entirely strapless. Specialized textures are usually moisture-wicking, which Hansensurf offers. If you enjoy all of these things, you should choose Hansensurf because they have them all. Wondering why? Then you must visit their site and you will be amazed!

Perks of the Summer Clothing

Summer clothing should be able to wick moisture away quickly. It consumes and excretes liquids from your body. This keeps you dry by preventing moisture from accumulating between your clothing and your skin. According to most specialists on the subject, summer clothes should absorb around a fifth of their weight before becoming moist. Wearing cotton and a loose-fitting dress will keep you cool in the heat. Summer clothing should be wonderful because it is crucial for comfort. Summer apparel is noted for its coolness and high retentiveness, but it can also conduct heat. This means that heat from your body may pass through the cloth and exit, allowing you to stay much cooler. Summer clothing’s heat conductivity is thought to transmit heat away from the person and reflect heat.

So, choosing the right set of cloth for this Summer is crucial and we are here to help you put! We have set of classic cloths which are in new-fangled designs and are very comfortable to wear. This clothing collection is an absolute must-buy, with an endless number of moving and renewing examples in vibrant tones. So start your Summer season with a new set of clothes and new hope!

Latest Women’s Summer Fashion casual clothes

Summer casual apparel is made to be comfortable and easy to clean. The latest women’s summer fashion is arranged in such a way that women are set up in exactly the way they want. Summertime wardrobe essentials include shorts, basic shirts, skirts, and cool jeans made of nylon, cotton, material, silk, and blends. Summertime necessitates floral arrangements in bright pink, yellow, and blue colors. It’s also the season to visit beach and chill. So, have a look at the new collection of seaside cloths! It identified the need for smart casuals and is now offering the proper style in easy-going clothing for today’s diverse and flexible ladies.

It’s a collection that’s worth requesting and a must-have purchase. Are you hoping to feel at ease in your new clothes this summer?

Email Marketing – Internet Product Marketing Revenue Booster

Making new innovative product might be an easy task; however, reaching the targeted customers about your new product is very difficult.

Consider a case study of Gaming Software. You have spent lot of efforts including your money and made excellent gaming software. You have successfully launched your product on your website.

Now check your revenue on sales.

Did you get the customer on the same day? Were you able to make progress within a week or month or year?

Without proper internet marketing, you cannot make progress.

We can categorize Internet Product Marketing as followings.

* Through SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

* Through Direct Email Marketing

In the first case, users visit your site through popular search engines, but your site may not be eligible for this marketing because you have recently launched your product and not yet listed in the search list by specific keywords.

Now what is the solution; it is Direct Email Marketing.

How to target your customers by email?

For Email Marketing, you need an online subscription manager to collect email ids based on your targeted business and Email Sender Software to send announcements and campaign emails by Text/HTML to your subscribers.

You can use EPractize Labs Business Solutions FREE Online Subscription Manager for your Email Marketing.

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