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Email Marketing – Internet Product Marketing Revenue Booster

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Making new innovative product might be an easy task; however, reaching the targeted customers about your new product is very difficult.

Consider a case study of Gaming Software. You have spent lot of efforts including your money and made excellent gaming software. You have successfully launched your product on your website.

Now check your revenue on sales.

Did you get the customer on the same day? Were you able to make progress within a week or month or year?

Without proper internet marketing, you cannot make progress.

We can categorize Internet Product Marketing as followings.

* Through SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

* Through Direct Email Marketing

In the first case, users visit your site through popular search engines, but your site may not be eligible for this marketing because you have recently launched your product and not yet listed in the search list by specific keywords.

Now what is the solution; it is Direct Email Marketing.

How to target your customers by email?

For Email Marketing, you need an online subscription manager to collect email ids based on your targeted business and Email Sender Software to send announcements and campaign emails by Text/HTML to your subscribers.

You can use EPractize Labs Business Solutions FREE Online Subscription Manager for your Email Marketing.

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Internet Marketing – Beginner Fundamentals I

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Currently there is a overwhelming amount of information available. Wannabe entrepreneurs are overloaded with sources of advice. Worse yet, often the advice varies widely.

After reading thousands of pages…
After listening to hours of teleseminars…
After watching endless video clips…
After years of marketing both on and offline…
There are only two things to focus on:

Build a List
Focus on a Niche.
It is not my original idea. But it is intuitive. It is simple. It works. To be in business as an online direct marketer one needs several things. Before you start to hesitate or complain remember this…If one were opening a shop in a mall, then one would need:

shop space
inventory, etc….
For the online direct marketer the list is much less expensive and more basic. Many of the things most of us have in one form or another…

First let us deal with capital:

a quiet place to work
Now basic services usually paid monthly:

telephone service with unlimited long distance if available
internet service with high speed DSL or cable if available
I draw a line there because everyone pretty much has that list of ‘capital’ and ‘service’ items. Now let us deal with items which are specific to online direct marketing…

Marketing services which are usually paid monthly:

auto responder
lead capture pages
Google AdWords account
Google tracking
website service with what you see is what you get
domain name registry
website hosting
and a Paypal account.
I have attempted to choose items which are either free or inexpensive such as Paypal. I choose Google as the Search Engine because Google has better targeted traffic.

A realistic budget is as follows:

Paypal account ………….free
Google account …………free
Google tracking………….free
Auto responder………….about $18/month unlimited usage
Lead capture page………about $20/month unlimited lead capture pages
Hosted Web service…….about $20/month unlimited hosting for webpages
Domain names…………..variable with number of domain names
PPC advert………………..variable with usage
Until you have in place and are comfortable with, all of the above, it really does not matter what great new prelaunch deal is out there. You might get lucky and make a little money, but more likely you will not be able to take advantage of the great new prelaunch program you join because you do not have the basic fundamentals in place.

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Don’t Waste Your Marketing Dollars on People Who Don’t Like Hot Dogs!

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Don’t you love going to a friend’s house just so they can whip out the latest family photos of fat ol’ uncle Ernie sitting in a beach chair, holding a warm beer and smiling like he just let out a fart.

What joy!

And don’t you just salivate over the thought of going to a dinner party where you’ll be seated next to a sweet old lady who’s dying to tell you about how she’s been constipated since 1964.

Can you just stand the thrill of it all?

And don’t you just love when businesses talk about how great they are, how they really care about their customers, how nobody can do a better job than they can, or provide better quality and service.

Or how they’ve been written up in the Podunk Herald for selling a billion Girl Scout cookies in one day, and they now sit on the board of the local mental health hospital, feed the homeless, and carry a pooper scooper when they walk their dog.

Are you getting my point?

Okay, let me put it to you this way…

Nobody gives a rat’s behind about you or you business – especially if they don’t know you – and you’re asking for their money!

So don’t talk about yourself or your business… when you’re trying to make a sale.

Because your customer has only one thing on his mind when he reads your ad, sales letter, brochure or walks into your store or offices:

WIIFM No, no, that’s not an FM radio station. They’re thinking What’s In It For Me.

So tell them!

But before you can tell them – you’ve got to know who they are – and what they really want.

I can earn $10,000 every day of the week selling $1 hot dogs from a pushcart… if in front of my pushcart there’s a ten-block-long line of hungry hot dog lovers.

So, in the unlikely event that you’re selling hot dogs – don’t waste your marketing efforts on people who aren’t hungry and don’t like hot dogs.

Pick the low hanging fruit! Okay, I’m mixing metaphors (in deference to those of you who might be vegetarians).

Back to Hot Hogs Wondering how to get that line to form in front of your pushcart? Simple.

Figure out why these people are hungry… and why they love hot dogs!

It wouldn’t hurt to also find out where they live, work and play – and how best to communicate with them.

Regardless of what you’re selling – hot dogs, financial planning, vitamins, enterprise software solutions or nose hair trimmers – would you communicate with an engineer in the same way you would with a harried housewife?

An engineer wants to see hard facts and figures, he’s not impressed or persuaded by florid promises or touchy-feely we love you, respect you type of language.

And he certainly doesn’t want to hear how great you think you, your product and company are.

The overburdened working wife and mom, on the other hand, wants to catch her breath. She’d love an hour-long massage, a dinner out – she wants to feel appreciated and understood.

So before you sell her – show and prove to her that you know what her every day is like and what will make her happy.

This is called market research. Do it. It will make you rich and save you time and effort.

Then, sit down at the kitchen table with your customer (no, not for real – though it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you can swing it) and tell them how it came to be that you understand what they’re going through and how – specifically – you’re able to help them.

Look… we all love to talk about ourselves. We are our most favorite subject, and the object of our most determined attention.

Haven’t you noticed that the degree to which someone values your friendship is directly proportional to the time you allow them to talk about themselves?

So turn that knowledge on its head when you’re marketing your product or service.

Let your customer read about himself in your marketing material.

The Most Powerful Word in the World

Do you know what the most powerful word – in any language – in the world is?

No, it’s not “Free” – though that probably comes in a close second.

The one word – the most powerful word – for you to use in your marketing material – regardless of what you’re selling…

…The one word above all others that will immediately get your customer’s attention and help persuade them to do your bidding is, are you ready for it? Here it is… your customer’s name.

Try getting someone’s attention, or impressing them with your devotion to their needs by saying, “Hey, you, buddy, you with the hair on your head, I’m over here, give me your money…”

Now of course you can’t always use a person’s name in your marketing material – but you can still “personalize” your marketing message.

You’ll sell more, and sell quicker when, in all your marketing material, you talk more about your customer… than about you or your company.

Returning now, and for the last time, to hot dogs…

Since it’s highly unlikely that you’re the only hot dog vendor in town… you’ve also got to figure out why your customer should buy your hot dogs… and not your competitor’s.

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Article Marketing Is Still Effective

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Article marketing has been around for a few years. First, article marketing was a great way to gain content to ones site – soliciting article writers for their content. Next, article marketing became popular by helping to create backlinks to web sites. And now, article marketing is just becoming popular as a way to drive direct traffic to a web site.

Why the big shift? I think that the biggest shift lately has been that of the search engines repeatedly knocking out duplicate content, when that same content is submitted to 100′s of article directories, and filtering out duplicate content from AdSense sites, and that naturally allows strong, legitimate sites with article content to have their pages read more often. And that creates traffic for the article writer.

Article marketing in 2007 and beyond, I think, will focus on direct traffic to your web site from the traffic received by the article directories themselves. I think it will become a good action to write content specifically for the purpose of submitting to one web site, the #1 article directory, whichever that may be during a particular time frame, and gaining high search engine rank for the article itself, rather than focusing on getting your own web site high traffic levels directly from the search engines.

People are still making money online, it is still easy to make a full time income online, and in the year 2007 I think that article marketing will remain one of the easiest ways to get to a full time income online, starting from scratch.

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Affiliate Marketing is Today’s Top Internet Business Tool

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You may have all heard of affiliate selling as a good way to make money online. But how is it supposed to work and how effective is it as an internet marketing tool? Before we talk about that, you need to ask yourself a simple question: in your day by day life, haven’t you sometimes recommended a product to someone? Something like, “I got that blender and it’s working very well. And the price is good too.” Not necessarily because you wanted to make publicity to the blender, but because you honestly believed it was a good deal and you wanted your friend to know about it.

Now image the whole internet surfers as potential “friends” to whom you recommend a product or another. What’s the best part, if you manage to convince them to buy, you get a commission for every product they purchase. You don’t need to have a product of your own. This is called affiliate marketing, and it can be a very successful internet marketing business.

If I were to give a definition, it would sound something like this: affiliate marketing is the action of referring your site’s visitors to a merchant’s site. Usually, if they make a purchase at the respective merchant’s site, you get a commission, which is a percentage out of the amount of money your visitor spent on your partner’s products.

Can this really be a home based internet marketing business? The answer is a resounding yes. Not only that, but it can bring you incomes which a typical job wouldn’t. Still, you have to bear in mind that although it can go on auto-pilot, you really have to put a lot of effort into this business and treat it like any other. It won’t make you an overnight millionaire, but it can certainly support you financially.

Now let’s talk about your line of business. What do you specifically want to do? What do you want to market? Remember one thing: there is a lot of competition in the internet world today, but a problem can’t exist without its solution, right? The answer to all the fierce competition as an easy one: specialization. I want to stretch out the importance of this term because it can be your key to success.

You need to find a niche market and then promote it. You will need a website for that, because that’s what internet is all about right? You must look at your site as an advertising tool, which will work for the merchants whom you are trying to represent. Still, you need to use this tool cautiously, as you don’t want your customers to flee once they see your website.

You don’t want to aggressively promote other merchants’ products, you need to pre-sell. To do that, you need to look like an expert in the eyes of your visitors, and they must see your affiliate links as simple recommendations from an expert, and they will much easily click it. They won’t be forced to do it, they will be RECOMMENDED to do it. That is a big difference, a difference that could change the course of your online business.

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Time to Kick Some Marketing Butt

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Headlines that Suck…

Or, why Borat isn’t your target market…

Why is it that some direct marketers – particularly those who rely on their marketing efforts to pay their bills, pay their employees, put their kids through college, fund their retirement, fund their stock market losses, pay for Caribbean cruises, second homes, adulterous affairs, gambling predilections and all other foibles and vices – choose to employ headlines that read like this very sentence you’re reading right now?

Oh come on… you know the kind. They’re long, excruciating long – 40, 50, 60 word diatribes, whose only purpose is to pull the mesmerizing wool over some poor slob’s eyes.

Well, listen up, if you like putting the entire script of Days of Our Lives in a headline, I’ve got news for you…

That poor slob you’re yelling down to from on high is your client – and he’s paying for all that you do in your life – so start treating him/her with a truck-load more respect.

Stop acting like an insecure, uneducated copywriter/marketer/felon without an honest or creative thought in your head. Do a little homework. Find out what words, language and mode of expression really communicates and resonates with your target market.

Stop trying to cram every thought – every benefit, feature, offer, and guarantee – into a headline.

A headline has only one purpose (see below) – and believe me, it’s not to lie, educate or run at the mouth.

And Stop slapping garish red lipstick on huge botox inflated fonts in your headlines – all because you’re afraid that if you don’t… your victims won’t feel bludgeoned and compelled enough to read the rest of the ad.

Hello! I’ve got news for you…

That type of grab ‘em by the eyeballs and eardrum carnival barking style of selling don’t work no more!

Most people ain’t that stupid – not anymore!

Come on… don’t you know what’s going to happen if you don’t mend your ways and seek higher ground? You’re going to waste postage, bandwidth, good will, time, effort and lots of people’s patience.

Your reader, your cash cow – they who fund you, who put a roof over your head, and pay for all that is mentioned in paragraph one above – are going to either click away, turn the page or toss your marketing genius of a sales letter into that in which it belongs.

So, please stop, for your sake. And besides, you’re giving us marketers and copywriters a bad name – and polluting the environment – every environment – business, ecological and spiritual!

Listen, not only do these headlines scream that you’re trying to sell something (and by the way, people hate being sold) – they’re extremely hard, tiring and painful to read.

And don’t get me started on all those hyped-up, clich├ęd promises of instant riches, happiness and 70 virgins when you die – Jeez! Who do you think you’re marketing too? Borat!

Look. A headline’s sole purpose is to get you to read what’s right underneath it. Nothing more.

It’s supposed to stop you from picking your nose or whatever it was you were doing before you picked up the ad.

It’s supposed to strike a deep and resonating chord in your mind’s eye – so you can’t stop yourself from reading what’s right underneath it.

It’s supposed to show “a little leg” – and that’s it, not give away the whole show by parading around buck-naked.

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Make Great Profits Using Simple PPC Techniques For Affiliate Marketing

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Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the four most common ways of generating targeted traffic. PPC can also be one of the most profitable and cost effective methods of targeted internet advertising if used correctly. It is a fast growing sector of the online advertising world, accounting for 2 billion dollars a year at the moment and will probably increase to 8 billion dollars or even more by 2008.

A Brief Overview of how PPC Search Engine advertising works.

The search engines such as Google, will create listings and rank them by the amount each advertiser is willing to pay for each click through to their website from that search engine. Position is gained by each advertised bidding against each other to receive their desired for each keyword or phrase they wish to target.

If your bid is the highest on a keyword phrase then your ad will be ranked as number 1 in the PPC Search Engines paid listings which are found on the far right hand side of the search engine. After that the ads are ranked in descending order as decided by their maximum bid amount. This is the simple explanation.

Recently Google has made certain adjustments to their ranking system for their PPC advertising, meaning that bidding the highest will not guarantee you the number one spot. Their Quality score update effectively means that your ad must be judged relevant and useful to that keyword phrase in order to gain good rankings. Some see this update as a bad thing, while others recognise that now everyone has a chance to rank well for a keyword simply by writing effective and relevant ads for a keyword, not just bidding higher and higher.

How can PPc make you money via affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs are simply when you gain a commission by directing a customer to an affiliate site who then makes a purchase. You take a commission of this purchase. PPc is very useful in this way because it allows you to instantly direct traffic to an affiliate page through your affiliate link, without having to wait the months that it could take to get your own website ranking in the search engines.

PPc is also very useful because it is so trackable. You can keep a very clear account of exactly how much you are spending in ads vs how many affiliate commissions you are making. This is a very good feature of PPC advertising, you will come to learn that tracking is very important to your success in internet marketing.

PPC can also be very useful to direct to your own website rather than someone elses affiliate site. As previously mentioned the traffic is instant so you can have people at your website minutes after creating your PPC advertising account. Then you can either generate money off those visitors via your own products, directing them through to an affiliate link or most importantly building your own subscriber list who you can email various offers to from time to time. Its often said in affiliate marketing, that the money is in the list. The bigger the list, the more money you can leverage from it.

However it must be said that PPC advertising can be costly if not done correctly, because if the traffic you are paying for does not generate you any sales or affiliate commissions you could end up with a fat bill at the end of the month and nothing to show for it.

For this reason it is very important that you firstly familiarise yourself with PPC techniques and tracking, and secondly make sure you pick the right products. Theres nothing worse than paying for traffic to an affiliate site selling a product that no one wants to buy, you’d simply be throwing your money down the drain.

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Bulk Email Internet Marketing – 3 Rules for Successful Bulk Email Internet Marketing

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Technology may have changed the mechanics of direct marketing, but the rules remain exactly the same. If you want to be successful with bulk email internet marketing, you have to manage three elements: list, offer, and presentation. Of these three factors the first two are the most important.

Traditional direct marketing attributes 50% of the success of bulk email internet marketing effort to the “List”. You need a quality list. In the case of lists, quality is determined by the relevance of the members of the list to the promotion being made. Are they in the target marketplace? Are they decision makers? Is there evidence that they respond to this type of promotion? How long ago? These are all questions important in selecting a list.

But what about the “offer?” Again, traditional direct marketing suggests that having the right offer contributes 40% of the success of bulk email internet marketing efforts. Indeed, this is the factor where most people fail – they fail to provide a prospective viewer with a reason to act.

Typical offers might include: (from strongest to weakest)

o “Sweepstakes” or contests (e.g. “Win $2,500 cash and a trip to Costa Rica…”)


o 25% Off!

o No Risk, Money Back Guarantee.

o Limited time or quantity (e.g. “Offer good only until …” or “Only 100 available!”

o Send for information.

o Have a salesperson call.

Having a strong offer is also important to providing a good “tease” in the subject line. Essentially a tease is a hint at what the offer or the benefit of the offer is.

Sadly, only 10% of the success of bulk email internet marketing is attributed to the “presentation” that’s used. In other words, presentation is the graphics and layout. The key aspect of presentation is only that the offer can be easily seen and understood. The rest is just frills.

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Direct Selling to Financial Freedom

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Direct sales or network marketing is providing many people with financial freedom. Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, considers direct sales as the “PERFECT BUSINESS”. It is the perfect choice because the company provides you with the skills needed to become successful. There is a low start up cost, usually less than $500. You work as a part of a team rather than being completely on your own.

Business skills are the key to making money. Your knowledge of your business will increase your success. By working in direct sales, you become part of a team. This works completely to your advantage because you have help. There are members of your company that will work with you for as long as it takes for you to become successful. You are working to build a business. You are also building a team in the process. Your team will be the key to financial freedom.

Building your business and essentially your team will take some time. This is in no way a “get rich quick” scheme. It can take up to five years to create passive income through your team. What other business would allow you to retire in five to ten years, none. With this business, you work directly with the customers. This is something that the larger companies will not do. Large companies, through advertising, wait for the customers to come to them. You have an advantage because you go to the customers, giving you an opportunity to reach those that larger companies sometimes overlook. Many companies have now incorporated the internet into the business increasing the opportunities for success. Depending on the company, one can even sell the products to businesses increasing revenues. This is what truly makes direct selling a prime choice when in search of financial freedom.

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Proven Methods of Marketing Your Business

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One invariable priority in your everyday business should be marketing. Your consistency in advertising and promoting your product and/or service spells the difference between progress and downfall. Small business owners should have the flexibility to perform the role of different organizational positions such as being the manager, employee, receptionist, telephone operator, event planner, and even the janitor.

One of the most common mistakes of business owners is that they busy themselves with all the myriad small roles to the point they miss the big picture. And that is, to lead the business to the right path making certain that the company increases profits as it ages and not the other way around.

Aside from building brand awareness, constant marketing and promotion entail doing the following:

o Retaining the support of clients patronizing your business.

o Updating customers on new products and/or services or their enhancements.

o Exerting influence on prospects and turning them into avid clients.

o Keeping up with the industry.

o Establishing your business’s vision.

o Certifying professionalism and competency.

Your marketing efforts play a vital role in keeping the business healthy. At least 4 hours per day should be allotted to it. There are almost as many opinions on marketing as there are companies to market to, and ideas differ from person to person as to the most effective methods and strategies.

Below are proven methods you could use to market your business:

1) Web Site. Being online can change the direction of any businesses. Capturing leads are made easier and can be generated through opt-in e-mail, newsletter inserts, and text link advertising and/or other forms of pay-per-click marketing. With the internet, the possibilities are limitless and your audience could be anybody in the world who has access to the Net

2) Direct Mail/ Postcard. Buy or rent a mailing list from a reputable supplier. The points to remember in designing and creating content are (a) make it eye-catching; (b) make your message clear, comprehensive and believable; and (c) there must be a call to take action.

3) Give Aways. This may be in the form of pamphlets, flyers, brochures, etc. Like direct mail, many people junk whatever is unsolicited but you could also apply the pointers above to get your hand-outs read.

4) Open House. Have a regular event where you could showcase your products and/or services. Also provide an informative seminar which may highlight the benefits of acquiring your products and/or services.

5) Press Release. Its primary function is for people to be informed of your business. It is important that you establish media relationships to have a press release. The key is the headline. Make it unique and straightforward to entice readers to read the whole article about the business.

6) Projects/ Groups. Participate in business projects and/or join social groups. Establish working relationships with other businesses that offer services or products related to yours. This may be a way to build partnership/s.

7) Volunteer. Sponsor an event that propagates goodwill and charity. You may extend support financially, host the event, or give away limited amount of your products. This is a very good strategy to gain word of mouth and even media attention.

8) Media. Aside from press release, if you can afford to venture into television, radio, billboards and other medium of advertising, why not try?

9) Network. In business, entrepreneurs could always use some support and guidance. Start by contacting people you know, ask for referrals and the cycle begins. Establish rapport with people that you talk to or meet. You could also attend networking events such as business luncheons with other professionals in the field that you are into. The thing to remember: make sure you have your business cards.

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