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Direct Mail Marketing – Do it Wisely!

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While there are millions who prefer online marketing campaigns and methods, there are still individuals who prefer direct mail marketing campaigns even better. Some might think that a direct mail marketing campaign is an easy thing to do, but it is not. It takes a lot of time, energy and mostly relies on refining techniques used from time to time. This can be very costly if you are a beginner and are unaware of how it’s done. However there are steps and measures one could take in order to make their direct mail marketing campaign a success. The response rate will also be higher if you execute some of the following methods.

After spending thousands of dollars on your latest direct mail marketing campaign, would you like it if a potential customer throws the mail away even without a second glance? Your answer would obviously be a big no. To avoid this from happening, you must make sure that the envelope is not cluttered. This is what determines whether that person will pick up the envelope or simply throw it away without even opening it. It is quite important that you place a significant amount of time on choosing the color of the envelope. Keeping it neutral would be the best.

Generally direct mail marketing campaigns are carried out on 4×6 or 5×7 sized envelopes. This of course can change depending on the type of direct mail marketing campaign you are carrying out.

Today many companies are focused on cutting down costs. This is why the usage of envelopes has decreased and the usage of postcards has evolved. Unlike an envelope, you need not have to open a postcard and the moment you receive it, you could read out the information without wasting time. Postcards contain short and simple messages and therefore anyone can read it quickly. To make your direct mail marketing campaign more creative, you could add a few designs onto the postcard, without of course cluttering it.

When it comes to creating, printing and posting postcards, it is shown that unlike printing a business letter and mailing it with an envelope, the postcard is much cheaper and very cost effective.

We all love to get things for free. Your campaign could be a hit if you decide on using the postcards as a discount coupon or a gift voucher. This will let them come to your store to purchase a product and receive a discount for it.

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Why Haven’t Marketers Everywhere Been Told These Facts?

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Your Marketing Will Be More Profitable When You Use These

31 Marketing Response-Triggers

Instantly Reach New Levels Of Sales & Profits In Your Direct Mail… Your Internet Marketing… And Your Space Ads.

These Powerful Response-Triggers Are Guaranteed- – Tested and Proven – - To Devastate Your Competition, Lock In Customer Loyalty, And Explode Your Wealth Even If The Whole Country Is Teetering On The Edge Of Recession.

These are the 31 powerful response-triggers I have used for some 25 years to create marketing packages for my clients. These response-triggers have generated hundreds of thousands new customers in as little as a year.

First, some history: The way ad agencies got their start was way back in the late 1800′s… a few guys pre-bought huge blocks of blank magazine and newspaper pages at steep discounts… Then they would go out and sell the pages to business owners at full price and keep the change. One thing led to another and before long they were creating the ads for the business owners, who then bought the page.

Then comes the juicy part… In about 1910 Albert Lasker put the word out on the street. He wanted to know the exact definition of advertising. Lasker was the head of the largest advertising agency in the world at that time.

Over the course of many years, certain marketers keep track of what worked in advertising and what did not. They did this mostly by coupon orders. If advertising “A” brought in more cash orders than advertising “B”… then they would take note. Many factors were considered. Price points. ($9.97 seemed to work better than $9.95, etc.) Offers. (Buy one, get one free- seemed to work better than 50% off) etc.

Before all of these elements were tracked and codified… A scientific approach was developed. Mr. Lasker was still puzzled as to a clear definition of advertising. So the search was on.

In the 1800′s the guys who knew the most about advertising were the various companies that sold patent medicines by mail. Dr. Shoop’s patent medicine was a HUGE marketer at the time. His two leading copywriters were John E. Kennedy and Claude Hopkins.

Kennedy was looking for a new job and had heard that Mr. Lasker was looking for the true definition of advertising. Kennedy showed up one day and sent a note up to Mr. Lasker’s office. The note said…

“I am downstairs in the saloon. I know the definition of advertising. I know that you don’t know. If you would like to know, meet me at the bar downstairs.”

After a quite a few beers, here’s what Mr. Kennedy said to Mr. Lasker: “Advertising is salesmanship multiplied in print.” Today, we would have to say that advertising is salesmanship multiplied by media. Why? Because you can use everything from billboards to web sites. But if you ignore that “advertising is salesmanship” you’re in big trouble.

Below you’ll find my notes on the various response-triggers you must use in your advertising to move your advertising from the “expense” side of the ledger to the “asset” side of the ledger. After all, if you have a salesman who does not sell, you don’t lose too much. But if you have an ad that does not sell, you stand to lose a lot.

Here is the First rule of advertising:

Use a SCIENTIFIC HEADLINE: Get the prospect’s attention FAST.

Far too many ads and web sites don’t use a headline AT ALL. Much less a scientific one. This is a waste. Why? Because the reader wants to know what he’s getting into. His time is valuable. If he really is interested in say… a trip to Florida… he will be more excited to read a message entitled: SPEND 3 DAYS AND TWO NIGHTS IN MIAMI NOW FOR ONLY $199.


1. Mention the prospect and his interests.

Use the words YOU or YOUR in your headline. “How You Can…” “Protect Your Family With This New…” If you’re not going to use the word YOU, you can certainly IMPLY it. “Aching Back?” Etc.

2. Promise big benefits. (Sizzle?)

There is a difference between a “feature” of your product or service and a “benefit” to using your product. Every Lexus or BMW has a coat of paint. No one buys a coat of paint. But they do buy “styling”… “beauty”… “luxury”… “Pride of ownership”, etc.

3. Use NEWS to the point.

The whole world is glued to the news. We buy newspapers and log into countless web sites to see what’s new. If there is something NEW about your product or service, people what to hear. Use the words “ANNOUNCING” or “FINALLY”. Many smart marketers make their ads or web sites look and feel like a new article. “DATELINE: FLORIDA” ETC.

4. Provoke curiosity. (If you can do it pertinently.)

This is a tough one. The best ad I know of that used curiosity pertinently was Sackhiem’s ad DO YOU MAKE THESE MISTAKES IN ENGLISH. Many people read the ad because they were curious to see if THEY were making mistakes. In the 1910′s or 20′s the master marketer Claude Hopkins was trying to sell a butter-substitute made of pig fat. He masterfully had the WORLD’S LARGEST CAKE made and took the cake on tour city by city. The crowds to see the world’s largest cake were so huge, city cops were always called in to control the crowds. This was long before TV and American Idol. When the crowds filed by to see the cake, they saw a little sign on the cake “This Cake Was Made With CottoSweet- Not Butter.” (CottoSweet or CottoLean was the butter substitute.) The cake was a curiosity. They sold a lot of that butter substitute.

5. Mention your product(s) in a favorable light.

Here is an Ogilvy headline that uses this idea: AT 60 MILES AN HOUR THE LOUDEST NOISE IN OUR NEW ROLLS ROYCE IS THE ELECTRIC CLOCK. As I recall the story of that ad, it only ran twice in a magazine. But Ford Motor Company spent a year’s worth of advertising money shouting that their car was quieter than a Rolls Royce.


6. Next: Immediately enlarge on the promise of the headline.

If your headline does its job of capturing the attention of the right kind of people (prospects) you had better keep whetting their appetite by enlarging on the promise.

7. Tell your story in the first paragraph.

You might not get them into the 14th paragraph… so do your job as fast as you can.

8. Emphasize one basic idea.

You cannot sell more than one thing at a time. Unless you’re that store in the little town of Nacusp, Canada that sells goldfish AND computers. Even if you’re a catalog, you must have ONE basic idea. A computer catalog should not sell gold fish.

9. Clearly tell the BENEFITS (Sizzle?) the prospect will gain.

Don’t… Don’t… Don’t… leave it up to the reader to instantly see the benefits he/she will get. Tell them. Tell them plainly. Then, enlarge on the benefits. Most people need a bunch of reasons rattling around in their head to make a buying decision. Why? Because they know that sooner or later someone at the office or the spouse is going to ask them WHY they bought that item. They will need to justify the purchase to themselves and to others. It’s part of life.

1O. Present the selling points to deliver those benefits.

(Present the steak that makes the sizzle believable.) Credibility and belief are heavy concepts in the advertising universe. If they don’t BELIEVE you… you won’t get the sale. In the 1930′s the Marx Brothers set up a table in downtown New York and tried to give away $5 bills. No one would take the money. They felt there must be strings attached. The promise of benefits sounds hollow without PROOF as to HOW the benefits can and will be delivered. If you’re selling PURE water… that wet stuff had better come from 3,000 foot deep wells… or distilled using glass distillers… or whatever.

11. Show that your product(s) is easy, economical, and agreeable to use.

Remember, it’s not just your product or service that you’re selling. You’ve got to sell them on just how easy it is to buy and use. It’s not just an investment of money you’re asking for. You’re asking them to commit to time and energy to buy from you and use your product. Do you have convenient parking? Will I have to buy a new computer to use your software? Do I have to build a bigger garage to park a new Hummer in it? A buying decision sometimes includes many factors that are not readily apparent.

12. Use sex and prestige appeals if you can.

One could argue that almost everything we do has the sex drive behind it. The clothes we wear… the cars we drive… the books we have on our shelf (does anyone have books anymore?) all are because of the image it projects. Diet? – Sex appeal. Pointy-toed shoes? – Sex appeal. Corner office? – Sex appeal. Tony Robbins’ self-confidence tapes? – Sex appeal. Since the early days of man, we get it that if we don’t procreate (sex appeal) there is no future. Our genetic line… will end if we don’t have sex appeal. However, if you’re selling TAX SOFTWARE… you’re out of luck.

13. Use negative inferences. (That is, to show ills avoided by purchasing your product.)

This RESPONSE-TRIGGER has real power. There are two major motivational directions people move into. They either move TOWARD pleasure or they move AWAY from pain. Most SUCCESSFUL marketers use both directions in their marketing. For example: Buy my product and you will increase your income. If you don’t you’ll continue in your frustrating, miserable existence with that nagging feeling that you really should have bought it sooner.


14. Favorable comparison with others.

If there is a leader in the field, it might help you to ride on their coattails. Remember the Ford ad campaign mention above… they were comparing themselves with Rolls Royce.

15. Make points of contrast and superiority.

Remember, don’t leave it up to your prospect to see the distinctions. Point it out. Prove it.

16. Use “Only” and exclusive features.

If you’re selling Fords in an average size city, you’ve got 5 or 10 other Ford dealers to compete with. Yes, you are limited to some degree on what you can say about Fords… but your dealership is different right? Is it open till 10 P.M.? Do you offer 3-week trade-in guarantee? Will you double the trade-in value? Find “only” and exclusive features.

17. Make exceptional claims you can support.

Quite often, you can’t make exceptional claims. Why? Because all or most of your competitors are offering the same thing. But, most of your competitors are NOT making those claims. If you make the claim and can support it… they will look like they are being a copy-cat if they imitate your claims.

18. Compliment the prospect if you can.

Attention Homeowners… or… Attention Smart Homeowners. PICK ONE. Everyone feels they are smarter, wiser, better, than the average Joe. In fact, if you flatter your buyer, you get more buyers. Imagine that. If you’re selling diet pills, you don’t say to your prospect, “You dumb fat bastard… buy this.” But you know that don’t you?


19. Present the main idea of your selling message three times.

There is something powerful about an idea being presented THREE times from three different angles. Even jokes are often told in a trilogy sequence. When you present your idea three times, the reader has more of a chance to OWN the idea and soon feels like it’s his idea to buy such a good product or service. And if it’s HIS idea, then it’s a GOOD idea.

20. Tell of your product’s popularity… who uses and likes it.

Most of us are terribly afraid of making the wrong decision. So, if everyone is buying this product, it must be good. No one goes into an empty restaurant. It must be empty for a reason. Auctioneers are famous for planting buyers in the audience to get the bidding going. Even my beloved ex-wife… who often tried to tell me that SHE would never fall for the “gimmicks” I use in marketing… suddenly wanted to buy a house that others were making an offer on. Before those offers came in, she couldn’t be bothered with that house.

21. Give bona fide testimonials… and authority’s approval.

Many people go to Barnes and Noble… grab a book and flip it to the back cover to see who else likes this book. They look for names they trust. Also make sure the testimonials are interesting. Lame testimonials could hurt your marketing.

22. Give assurances and proof of your offer… build confidence.

Putting a real time-limit on your offer might add credibility to this idea.

23. Guarantee if you can.

Typically the longer, stronger your guarantee, the more sales you get. A one-year guarantee does not bring more returns and refund requests. A 30-day guarantee is better than no guarantee. I have a client who offered a DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK ON THE SPOT guarantee and his sales went up 217%.

24. Make your offer vitally valid… be congruous.

Having a 3 day sale is one thing… but having a SALE due to rain damage or IRS tax liens offers more of a story appeal and is easier to believe and therefore get more action from buyers. WHY is your offer, your offer?

25. Convey the value of your product or service… definitely, positively.

Again, don’t leave it up to them to figure it out. Lead them by the hand show them line-by-line, step-by-step… that your offer has the value you say it does. Maybe a column of numbers showing the total savings IF they buy your idea… will help. Break down the numbers showing them it only cost so much per day, or month or year.


26. Give your reader good reasons and excuses for buying NOW.

If you’re selling high-ticket items… inflation alone is a good reason to… ACT NOW. Hording all that money under your bed is like lighting a slow, smoldering fire to your money. Every year its purchasing power disappears flicker by flicker. Surely you can find some other reasons to get them to ACT NOW.

27. Make choosing easy… stress ONE item above others you may sell.

If you’re selling three different colors of the same product, tell them which one is the most popular. Help them focus on one buying decision. If you leave it up to them to weed through all the choices, you will lose sales.

28. Tell how, when, and where to get it.

By now they want it… why can’t you move them to the next step by telling them what to do next. “Here’s what you must do.” is a phrase you could use.

29. Name prices and terms… make it easy to buy or order.

Some marketers are afraid to mention prices in their ad or web site. Here are two reasons why you should name your prices and terms.

First- You are wasting their time if you don’t mention price. If you make them call and talk to a salesman, you’ll lose sales. If you don’t tell them the price, they will tend to think it cost more than it actually does. Why? Because when we have NO INFORMATION, we tend to assume the worst.

Second, if you do have a high price, you SHOULD SAY SO and BRAG on it. Most businesses don’t charge enough for their products and services. If you raise your price, it will naturally trigger something in your brain that you had better justify this price and you will naturally be a better marketer.

You’re goal should be to make double-digit year-end profits after all expenses are paid, including owners salary. If you throw in your salary as part of the profits you’re deceiving yourself regarding your profits. From 10% to 25% year-end profits is a reasonable goal. Most business owners scrape by on 3% profits. Or less. That sucks. If you’re afraid to raise your prices, get a job at the post office.

30. Consider a coupon… or direct offer.

The point here is to track your efforts. If you don’t offer coupons, a direct offer tells you whether your ad is working or not. If you run an ad that brings you 100 phone calls and 10 buyers… that’s one thing. If you make a different offer to find out that for the same advertising expense you’re now getting 200 phone calls and 37 buyers… you’ve more than doubled your sales and profits without doubling your ad budget.

Your cost of advertising is one thing. Your cost per lead and cost per sale is a different thing. Coupons and direct offers not only help you keep track of what works, it also tends to bring in more buyers. Why? Because prospects clip the coupon late Wednesday night and call you on Thursday morning. Or, they note the direct offer and respond better than if your offer is vague.

31. Sell NOW as the time… make a bid for business and action.

If you take the time and trouble to get their emotions all worked up to say YES… get them to act now. Tomorrow the kids will be screaming, the doorbell ringing, and many other things will cloud their mind. NOW is the time to act.

If you follow these ideas… several things will happen all at once. Your sales will increase. When your sales increase, your competitors’ sales will decease. It just happens. The “Market Pie” is only so big.

PLUS: Your advertising cost will actually decrease. Why? Because you’ll be lowering your cost per lead and cost per sale for the same media dollar spent. Let’s say you’re spending $10,000 for a full-page ad in a mid-size town newspaper. If you increase your response your true media costs go down for the same amount of buyers coming into your door. That is smart marketing!!!

What is advertising? Advertising is salesmanship multiplied by media. Just because someone can design a so-called web site with flash and fancy graphics doesn’t mean jack when it comes to actually convincing people to part with their hard earned cash.

Use these ideas to increase your sales and profits in any media.

Bless You.

Linwood Austin


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How to Make Money in Direct Sales

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How to make money in direct sales is actually far easier than you might think. Actually, the Direct Sales industry is by far the most rewarding industry I can think of. Let me explain…

As an entrepreneur there are certain aspects you should begin thinking about for the profitability of your business.

Rent, utilities, insurance, employees and inventory just to name a few. All of that and we haven’t even mentioned the actual cost of operating your business, delivery or shipping costs.

Jeeze, it’s no wonder the vast majority of businesses are gone within a couple short years.

Let me help paint a better (more profitable) picture…

Your cost of getting started in the Direct Sales industry is simply the cost of your personal product. Right off the bat, we’ve just cut a HUGE PORTION of your costs.

So now when you make sales and begin to recruit people into your business, you are putting 75%-80% of your revenue back into Hip National Bank (Your Pocket).

Now I’m just assuming you’re an entrepreneur and not trying to “supplement your income.” I’ve never understood that philosophy. That’s like showing up to some sort of competition and expecting to lose. Anyway, that’s for another day.

I want you to imagine being affiliated with a product and opportunity you truly believe in. You begin to build a business around this product and opportunity and start making sales.

I want you to think about what it feels like to make a $9,000 sale and be able to keep $4,500 of it! Now if you’ve been in sales for any length of time, you know that keeping 50% of the sale is UNHEARD OF.

In Direct Sales, however, it’s normal.

Again, I’m just going to make an assumption that if you’re going to be in Direct Sales, you’re going to be in Top Tier Direct Sales. This just simply means your product and opportunity is a high ticket item…anywhere from $2,000-$20,000. If you’re gonna make sales, you may as well make BIG sales.

So, how many sales are you going to have to do before you are making A LOT of money? Not many.

Okay, enough of the why, let’s get into How to make money in direct sales.

How To Make Money In Direct Sales Boils Down To 2 Things…

· Marketing/Advertising: Remember when I said you get to keep 75%-80% of your revenue? Well, the other 20%-25% of your revenue is going to your marketing and advertising budget.

This is so important in fact, most entrepreneurs in the direct sales industry don’t necessarily consider themselves Direct Sales people, they consider themselves GREAT MARKETERS.

Marketing is nothing more than providing valuable information to your market. Most people think that Marketing is pitching and selling.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. When you begin marketing, you need to GIVE to your market.

If you’re in the financial industry, GIVE advice about staying out of debt and increasing wealth.

If you’re in the health and wellness industry, GIVE advice about how to stay healthy and well.

I’ve heard this a hundred times and probably said it another hundred times…people love to buy, but they hate to be sold. Give your market enough information to buy from you, and they will buy from you.

Advertising, on the other hand, is more geared towards selling. However, you are again providing just enough information to your market to let them buy.

Give your market just enough to know how much they don’t know.

You can start to think about it like this…your marketing is like the customer service department that provides information and brochures. Your advertising, on the other hand, is like sending your sales rep out to an appointment with an order form in hand!

The two of them, your marketing and your advertising, work in harmony like a beautiful symphony…a symphony whose music is money!

· Leadership: Making money in the direct sales industry is more than just putting out good marketing and advertising.

Remember, the direct sales business is a people business. Direct Sales IS NOT just a transaction based business.

Your marketing and advertising has put you in front of the right people. It is now your job as a Leader to be the PERSON your prospects want to join in business.

Well, how do you do that? Good question and here are just a couple ways…

Training your team is immensely important to your long term success. You will still make money if you don’t have a trained team, but you will make EXPONENTIALLY more money if you have training in place for your team.

Be accessible. Now before you start rolling your eyes and cringing from the thought of all the random phone calls, let me explain.

You can be accessible without actually being present. Having a dedicated blog or site for your team is a great way from them to always have access to you.

You can regularly update information on your site or blog that keeps you in front of your entire team and your entire team up to speed with what’s new and exciting…more important, what’s working.

This SHOULD NOT be overlooked. Your team has already come to you because they consider you the leader. Make sure to continue to provide valuable leadership by ongoing training and being accessible.

I truly can’t think of another industry that will allow you the Freedom you are looking for. ALL of your Marketing and Advertising can be done FOR you, allowing you to actually work ON your business and not IN your business. Your leadership allows for your team to go out and duplicate your results. All of this virtually leaves you working the 4 Hour Work Week and living your life by YOUR design.

So get out there you entrepreneur and live the life of your dreams. Now you know how to make money in direct sales, the only thing left to do is GO!

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2 Ways To Not Market Your Business

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There are a few marketing techniques that a lot of people like to use but I think wastes time when it comes to marketing your products and services. What are the techniques that I am talking about? Well I’m glad you asked, because these are techniques that you’ve probably tried before, and it hasn’t worked for you either.

What I’m talking about isn’t face to face selling or going door to door to get sales. I’m talking about 2 techniques that really don’t work when it’s “crunch time” in your business. What are those techniques that I am talking about? Well, here’s the first one of them.

1) Telemarketing

Telemarketing or cold calling are techniques that take a lot of time out of your day, just to land 1 new prospect. I can remember when I tried cold calling, but no one responded to my request. I would either get the secretary, a gatekeeper, or a potential client who simply wasn’t interested. If this has happened to you, then I know how you feel.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of some people making a nice income via the use of cold calling, but one of those people isn’t me. There are far better things that I could be doing to instead of spending my day on the phone. If you agree with me, then good… we’re on the same page. Let’s take a look at another strategy that you shouldn’t use in your business.

2) Lists from list brokers

Have you ever tried to contact a list broker in attempts to find a mailing list to mail to? If so, then you know about the fast talking and getting you to sign up for their services just to make a sale. You see list brokers get paid a commission for every list that they sell. So when it comes to selecting a list that can be profitable, you will have a hard time doing so.

I can remember when I once called a list broker and all that they were concerned about was extracting money from me. They didn’t ask about the list I was looking for, the kind of demographics that I wanted, the states that I wanted, and all they quoted was a price.

People like this are people that are money hungry, and I would stay clear from them as much as possible. After my experience with this list broker, I never decided to use a list broker ever again. Instead, I chose to use the SRDS (which can be found at your local library).

These 2 techniques for marketing your business should be totally avoided. If you really want to have success in your business, then you have to put the time and work in to make it happen. Don’t just sit back and wait for something to happen. Put on your marketing “suit” and go out and start promoting your products and services. It will be more than worth it – I assure you.

Good luck with using these tips to improve your sales and profits today.

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Success In Network Marketing!

May 26 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

After the 15 years in the Network Marketing Industry and helping mentor others to have success in this industry here’s some advice I can offer to those not only looking for a home based business in Network Marketing but more importantly having success in Network Marketing.

Here are a few things I looked for in a company:

1. Timing.

Timing is 100% critical to maximize every leveraged dollar out of an opportunity. It’s extremely important to me to find and work with an emerging company that is more than a year old and hasn’t yet gone into critical mass, this is timing.

2. Product Line.

The product line needed to be an extremely unique and consumable where people are willing to purchase the product month in and month out for a life time.

3. Upline/Sponsor.

You need to find the right upline that will work with you and your personality. Chose an sponsor and upline you can trust that will be there to help you build you business. In network marketing you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself. Having the right sponsor and upline will be a major key to how much success you will have. Do your homework and find the group that has the most growth in the company. I’ve been a part of both in my experiences in network marketing, the top group and the lower group. I’ve had a lot more success when I’m with the #1 group in the company. The top group will have proven success systems and a formula for duplication. If you follow their system and do what they are doing you will have a higher chance for greater income.

4. Getting Started and Formulating a Contact List.

Yes, it’s imperative to make a list of your top 20 prospects you would want as business partners and I can’t emphasize enough don’t prejudge anyone! If you have a tough time coming up with 20 names contact your upline and ask them for help, that is what they are there for, to help you out. Most successful networkers will provide the downline with free leads. We do that with our group. With our group we provide free leads for all those who want to be active in building a business. After the list is established it’s time to get to work and start calling on your prospects. You can come up with your own script or your upline leaders should provide you one. When making the calls if you’re not comfortable doing these calls by yourself ask your sponsor or you upline leader to do some three way prospecting call with you. If your upline is unwilling to make calls with you find an upline that will!

5. Fear of Rejection (Someone saying “no” to you).

You’re going to get some no’s and your going to visit with some negative people at times, you can’t let this get you down as a person. An important solution to overcoming the fear of rejection was pointed out to me a few years back. I was told to put myself in a third person position, like an actor when prospecting. To better explain how to do this, prior to making telephone calls draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper, on one side of the paper write your name, on the other side of the piece of paper write your name with “the networker” behind it. When making calls you are “the networker”. Whatever anybody says to you as the networker should not have any effect on your wellbeing as a person. Remember, you’re a networker, any negative things said to you as a networker should not have any effect on you as a person.

6. When some gives you a “No”, it means “No, not at this time”.

An example of this is maybe the first time you called the prospect they told you no, I’m not looking or I don’t want to. A month later at work their boss gave a person in the office who does the same work you do a buck an hour more pay raise that they got. You happen to call the prospect that night and the prospect is might be a little more open at this time than he was a month ago. Because of this your prospect might now give you a different response like “Yes, what do you have?”

The best advice I give to those who really desire success in this industry is you must commit to “change”. A friend said this to me years ago, “If you don’t change you direction you liable to end up where you’re headed.” In 1992 I took this to heart and made that change. Most successful networkers in the industry will agree you need to change you habits and your direction if you really want change to happen in your life. Things just don’t happen by accident, if you continue to do the same routine and not committing to change your life won’t change. You must really be committed and devoted to changing your way of living and this start by committing a couple hours a day strictly to your new business venture. These changes can be during the day, examples are:

When driving to and from work instead of listening to the radio or playing music call a prospect or listen to educational information that will help you with your new business. Another example is to schedule lunch meeting with a prospect. The biggest challenge will be in the evening, give the TV a break, Dancing With The Stars will get you nowhere!. Make a commitment and devote 2-3 hours a night to prospecting and working with your organization. The more time you can commit to your business the faster you will build your business. From the day you make the decision to get started make a commitment over the next 6-12 months to devote 2-3 hours a night 3-4 days a week. These hours should be telephone prospecting and self-education on products, training, personal development.

See you at the top!

Dale Hammerschmidt

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Marketing Malpractice: 3 Mistakes Marketers Make That Copywriters Hate (All Of Us)

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When copywriters gather they often talk about client horror stories. Its our answer to gossip. Who’s being good, who’s being bad.

There are three pretty common forms of marketing malpractice that drive us all nuts. Now the truth of it is that this malpractice also sabotages our clients’ chances of results, since we are tightly linked to the performance of their marketing.

I mean, we can’t point the finger at someone else and say ‘that didn’t work because of them’ very often, but there are certainly ways to undermine our effectiveness.

Marketing Malpractice #1: Not Implementing Fully

Implementation equals results. The best paid business owners are the ones who know how to get things done for maximum effectiveness. Now I’ve had clients agree to projects and then half way through not even be willing to get them completed.

Then for some reason they choose to blame me. I look at it as my fault for bad client selection, but sometimes you can’t foresee this happening. So if you are going to work with someone, see it through from beginning to end, otherwise don’t start. I’ve got other projects I can work on that will actually put more money in my pocket.

There is a reason why the scope is what it is when we started. Conversion of people from traffic, to leads, to customers is complex and involved.

Marketing Malpractice #2: Being a ‘part time’ copywriter.

I have no qualms with people suggesting improvements to copy – doesn’t matter where the good idea comes from is my motto. But when clients start to tinker with copy for the sake of needing to feel like they’ve done it themselves drives me nuts, especially when what they produce is worse than what I originally came up with.

Know your own limitations – and be prepared to stand behind your results in a split test against the original. I’ll swallow my pride if what your produce wins but only then.

Marketing Malpractice #3: Using Bad Lists, Poor Traffic And More.

For some reason best known to the dark gods, marketers and business owners get really lazy the moment they have to go and find high value prospects to market to. They get lazy, in the quality of the traffic they send to the copy. Be it landing pages, Google ads, direct mail or anything else to generate new leads.

Most of the magic of response comes from getting your message to the right people. It’s the single most important task in marketing, right after having something worthwhile to say to them. I’ve seen ‘general business copy’ tweaked for a niche and sent only to that niche. The response rate ’5Xed’

Take the time to get the your marketing to the right people. It is the most critical form of marketing malpractice.

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Network Marketing Opportunities Vs Top Tier Direct Sales Opportunities

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Network Marketing
In this model you would have a product or a line of products which you can sell and earn a commission. The real money is in building a team. When you bring others into the business you earn a small commission on the products that they sell or purchase as well. The idea is that, if you build a large, productive team, you will be able to build a large, residual income over time.

Top Tier Direct Sales
In this model you have a product or line of products that you can sell and earn a commission on as well. The difference is that the products you sell have a high ticket price and also a high commission payout. Some top tier direct sales companies will pay a small commission on the sales of distributors you introduce to the business as well. Some do not. In any case, the real money is up front instead of in the long term. Typically, the sale of one product is the equivalent of several years worth of commissions you would earn from a distributor in your network marketing company.

So which one is better?
I have always loved the network marketing business model. The idea of a continually growing residual income is very appealing. However, though the model looks good in theory, in practice it is not quite so attractive. Let me also say that my wife and I are currently involved in both network marketing and top tier direct sales opportunities. My wife was named the top recruiter a couple months ago and has set records in her company.

The reality is that there is not really that much money flowing in from that opportunity. Network marketing relies on the efforts of others, which I thought was a good thing. The problem is that most people are not willing to work as hard for success as others.

With top tier direct sales your success is based solely on your own efforts. It takes no more work to sell a product that costs $50 as it does to sell a product that costs $5,000. Instead of trying to get other people to duplicate your efforts you simply scale your own efforts up. What happens is that you end up making more money with less work and, take it from me, a lot less headache.

So, my vote is for the top tier direct sales industry. It is not for everyone, but if you are a hard working person committed to earning a very large income, then it certainly could be for you. Click on the link below to get a closer look at the opportunity that changed our lives.

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The Future of Direct Mail

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E-mail and SMS marketing are becoming more and more mainstream.

Social media is rapidly escalating in popularity as a marketing tool.

Printing and postage costs keep increasing.

You are probably wondering why even bother with Direct Mail. It’s antiquated and ineffective.

The USPS even has stats to support that opinion. In their annual Household Diary Study, they published that US households received 85 billion pieces of direct mail advertising in 2009, which was 15 % less than in 2007 and 2008.

So is there a future for direct mail? It appears there is!

According to the 2010 DMA Statistical Fact Book, 79% of households either read or skim junk direct mail advertising sent to their home. Within that 79% – only 38% are skimmers, with readers encompassing a whopping 62%!

That same publication also predicted that spending on direct mail marketing is expected to increase by more than $1 billion in 2010.

Why, if it’s so outdated?

It seems that even with the widespread use of emails, texting and social media, the average consumer has a soft spot for direct mail. Almost 75% percent of consumers say they prefer to receive promotions or offers by mail, compared to 18 percent who prefer e-mail for such communications.

So why do consumers prefer mail?

  • It’s familiar – it has been around for awhile (the first modern mail-order catalog was produced in 1872)
  • It’s less frantic – no flash animation or demands for immediate response
  • It’s convenient – mail can be taken anywhere and read at leisure
  • It’s extremely versatile! – it’s much easier to be creative and set yourself apart through mail than with a formatted HTML or text message

E-mails and Texting are great marketing tools, however many marketers aren’t targeting their audience enough and consumers are finding their in-boxes are just getting too cluttered. They spend most of their time deleting e-mails rather than reading e-mails promoting genuine business offers.

According to a study commissioned by Pitney Bowes, 31% of consumers are less likely to discard unopened mail than they are to delete unsolicited e-mails (53.2 %).

If you aren’t totally sold on direct mail as an effective marketing medium, consider this – in 2009 the average consumer received 24.7 pieces of mail per week. That’s the fourth straight year that shows a drop in volume. At the very least this means there’s less of a crowd to stand out in.

By using a less crowded medium, you’ll find improvement in your response rates. Response rates will further improve if you can identify your target market and personalize your message. You can even try combining it with a Telemarketing, Opt-in Email and/or SMS/Texting campaign. Give the recipient something that’s visually appealing and tangible. Something to hold in their hands which gives them a definite call to action. Visit our website… Call us now… Text the following word to this number…

Many feel that Direct Mail is a thing of the past. However, if you target properly and are creative, it is still a useful and relevant medium to reach out to your customers.

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Writing for SEO – How I Use Free Methods Like Article Marketing to Land SEO Writing Jobs

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Freelance writing is one of those careers where dry spells are just part and parcel of the profession. However, how long they last is completely up to you. If you don’t have a lot of money (or no money at all) to market for writing jobs, article marketing is one way to do is to keep a steady stream of leads coming in.

Want to Discover Opportunities in Freelance Writing: Start an Article Marketing Campaign

Following is how I use article marketing, and other free content distribution methods to land freelance writing jobs.

1. Write Consistently: I write and submit at least one article per week to free article directories. There are hundreds of them on the internet. Just do a Google search for “article marketing sites” or “article marketing directories” to start your search.

2. Mass Distribution: To get the most out of your article marketing efforts, it’s a good idea to sign up with article distribution services. What are these? These are services that will distribute your article to hundreds/thousands of newsletter publishers, website owners and other types of outlet who look for good, free content to beef up their publications.

To find one, simply conduct a web search for “article distribution services. This is one way to seamlessly keep fresh leads coming in from potential freelance writing clients.

3. Press Releases: One thing I like to do is repurpose content into a short press release and submit it to free press release distribution sites (conduct web search for “free press release distribution” to find these kinds of outlets).

I submit to these sites because they get indexed by search engines frequently.

If you “SEO your content,” when you submit it to free article marketing and press release sites, it has a chance of showing up high in search engine results for relevant keyword phrases.

Two Things You Must Know about Article Marketing & Distributing Free Content to Find Opportunities in Freelance Writing

i) It’s Not a “Quick Hit”: As in, it takes time to work; you won’t get immediate sales with article marketing. This is why you should continue to market directly to clients, in addition to doing article marketing.

The beautiful thing about article marketing though is that it brings in leads for years to come. Your content stays online forever (unless you remove it), so be sure to put your best writing food forward when composing content to submit to free outlets like article marketing directories and press release sites.

ii) Consistently Lands Jobs: You can’t just write a few articles and then expect freelance writing jobs and leads to come your way.

Content marketing (which is what this form of marketing is commonly referred to as) has to be done consistently for it to work.

BUT if you put in a consistent effort, freelance writing jobs will seem to come “out of the blue.” But, it really won’t be out of the blue because prospects will have seen your content over and over again. When you have a presence like this – and potential clients need the type of content you provide — it makes it hard for them NOT to contact you.

So if you’re looking for opportunities in freelance writing and are working with a small or non-existent budget, start an article marketing campaign. Before you know it, you could have consistent SEO writing jobs, blogging jobs, web content writing jobs, etc.

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Why an Autoresponder is One of the Most Important Internet Marketing Tools

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Initially when I started my internet marketing business I was so overwhelmed with the information I went through online. Moreover, none of the tactics I used to apply were giving me appropriate results. I read many experts advise for weeks but there was no proper action plan that one can utilize to get success in internet marketing. Today I have discovered my own successful business model and I have found Autoresponders one of the most important internet marketing tools in all.

Autoresponder is a system which sends out emails to a list of people who request information from you. These days, it is mostly used to turn your website visitors into subscribers so that you can build a relationship with them and market your own as well as others products. Autoresponders allow you to set up follow up emails that really forms a professional impression in your subscribers.

With autoresponders you gain complete control over your email marketing. You decide how often send out emails and what contents to write in emails. You can even track how many subscribers have clicked on a link that you provided with an email. If you have a quality content in your website and you receive huge traffic to it, you can simply develop a list of hundreds and thousands of subscribers. This usually helps you in direct marketing.

Direct marketing has another benefit that most successful know about. As you too may be knowing that it is easier to get repeat sales from a customer who has already purchased from you earlier. With autoresponders you can apply your direct marketing strategies to make repetitive or recurring sales. You can automatically convert your potential subscribers into customers with autoresponders. Most services allow you to do so. Then you can change your marketing strategies to your buying customers.

So like I said, I have used hundreds of other important as well as useless tools over the period of time. But I found autoresponders one of the most important internet marketing tools. All you need to know is to understand how to put together your marketing strategies with these tools. Without that skill no great tool will help you become a successful internet marketer. There are many other online marketing tools available online that may help you as much as these autoresponders. You should always try and test them on your own instead of filling up your mind with mixed up pieces of advice available online.

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