Email Marketing – Internet Product Marketing Revenue Booster

Making new innovative product might be an easy task; however, reaching the targeted customers about your new product is very difficult.

Consider a case study of Gaming Software. You have spent lot of efforts including your money and made excellent gaming software. You have successfully launched your product on your website.

Now check your revenue on sales.

Did you get the customer on the same day? Were you able to make progress within a week or month or year?

Without proper internet marketing, you cannot make progress.

We can categorize Internet Product Marketing as followings.

* Through SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

* Through Direct Email Marketing

In the first case, users visit your site through popular search engines, but your site may not be eligible for this marketing because you have recently launched your product and not yet listed in the search list by specific keywords.

Now what is the solution; it is Direct Email Marketing.

How to target your customers by email?

For Email Marketing, you need an online subscription manager to collect email ids based on your targeted business and Email Sender Software to send announcements and campaign emails by Text/HTML to your subscribers.

You can use EPractize Labs Business Solutions FREE Online Subscription Manager for your Email Marketing.

Internet Marketing – Beginner Fundamentals I

Currently there is a overwhelming amount of information available. Wannabe entrepreneurs are overloaded with sources of advice. Worse yet, often the advice varies widely.

After reading thousands of pages…
After listening to hours of teleseminars…
After watching endless video clips…
After years of marketing both on and offline…
There are only two things to focus on:

Build a List
Focus on a Niche.
It is not my original idea. But it is intuitive. It is simple. It works. To be in business as an online direct marketer one needs several things. Before you start to hesitate or complain remember this…If one were opening a shop in a mall, then one would need:

shop space
inventory, etc….
For the online direct marketer the list is much less expensive and more basic. Many of the things most of us have in one form or another…

First let us deal with capital:

a quiet place to work
Now basic services usually paid monthly:

telephone service with unlimited long distance if available
internet service with high speed DSL or cable if available
I draw a line there because everyone pretty much has that list of ‘capital’ and ‘service’ items. Now let us deal with items which are specific to online direct marketing…

Marketing services which are usually paid monthly:

auto responder
lead capture pages
Google AdWords account
Google tracking
website service with what you see is what you get
domain name registry
website hosting
and a Paypal account.
I have attempted to choose items which are either free or inexpensive such as Paypal. I choose Google as the Search Engine because Google has better targeted traffic.

A realistic budget is as follows:

Paypal account ………….free
Google account …………free
Google tracking………….free
Auto responder………….about $18/month unlimited usage
Lead capture page………about $20/month unlimited lead capture pages
Hosted Web service…….about $20/month unlimited hosting for webpages
Domain names…………..variable with number of domain names
PPC advert………………..variable with usage
Until you have in place and are comfortable with, all of the above, it really does not matter what great new prelaunch deal is out there. You might get lucky and make a little money, but more likely you will not be able to take advantage of the great new prelaunch program you join because you do not have the basic fundamentals in place.

Don’t Waste Your Marketing Dollars on People Who Don’t Like Hot Dogs!

Don’t you love going to a friend’s house just so they can whip out the latest family photos of fat ol’ uncle Ernie sitting in a beach chair, holding a warm beer and smiling like he just let out a fart.

What joy!

And don’t you just salivate over the thought of going to a dinner party where you’ll be seated next to a sweet old lady who’s dying to tell you about how she’s been constipated since 1964.

Can you just stand the thrill of it all?

And don’t you just love when businesses talk about how great they are, how they really care about their customers, how nobody can do a better job than they can, or provide better quality and service.

Or how they’ve been written up in the Podunk Herald for selling a billion Girl Scout cookies in one day, and they now sit on the board of the local mental health hospital, feed the homeless, and carry a pooper scooper when they walk their dog.

Are you getting my point?

Okay, let me put it to you this way…

Nobody gives a rat’s behind about you or you business – especially if they don’t know you – and you’re asking for their money!

So don’t talk about yourself or your business… when you’re trying to make a sale.

Because your customer has only one thing on his mind when he reads your ad, sales letter, brochure or walks into your store or offices:

WIIFM No, no, that’s not an FM radio station. They’re thinking What’s In It For Me.

So tell them!

But before you can tell them – you’ve got to know who they are – and what they really want.

I can earn $10,000 every day of the week selling $1 hot dogs from a pushcart… if in front of my pushcart there’s a ten-block-long line of hungry hot dog lovers.

So, in the unlikely event that you’re selling hot dogs – don’t waste your marketing efforts on people who aren’t hungry and don’t like hot dogs.

Pick the low hanging fruit! Okay, I’m mixing metaphors (in deference to those of you who might be vegetarians).

Back to Hot Hogs Wondering how to get that line to form in front of your pushcart? Simple.

Figure out why these people are hungry… and why they love hot dogs!

It wouldn’t hurt to also find out where they live, work and play – and how best to communicate with them.

Regardless of what you’re selling – hot dogs, financial planning, vitamins, enterprise software solutions or nose hair trimmers – would you communicate with an engineer in the same way you would with a harried housewife?

An engineer wants to see hard facts and figures, he’s not impressed or persuaded by florid promises or touchy-feely we love you, respect you type of language.

And he certainly doesn’t want to hear how great you think you, your product and company are.

The overburdened working wife and mom, on the other hand, wants to catch her breath. She’d love an hour-long massage, a dinner out – she wants to feel appreciated and understood.

So before you sell her – show and prove to her that you know what her every day is like and what will make her happy.

This is called market research. Do it. It will make you rich and save you time and effort.

Then, sit down at the kitchen table with your customer (no, not for real – though it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you can swing it) and tell them how it came to be that you understand what they’re going through and how – specifically – you’re able to help them.

Look… we all love to talk about ourselves. We are our most favorite subject, and the object of our most determined attention.

Haven’t you noticed that the degree to which someone values your friendship is directly proportional to the time you allow them to talk about themselves?

So turn that knowledge on its head when you’re marketing your product or service.

Let your customer read about himself in your marketing material.

The Most Powerful Word in the World

Do you know what the most powerful word – in any language – in the world is?

No, it’s not “Free” – though that probably comes in a close second.

The one word – the most powerful word – for you to use in your marketing material – regardless of what you’re selling…

…The one word above all others that will immediately get your customer’s attention and help persuade them to do your bidding is, are you ready for it? Here it is… your customer’s name.

Try getting someone’s attention, or impressing them with your devotion to their needs by saying, “Hey, you, buddy, you with the hair on your head, I’m over here, give me your money…”

Now of course you can’t always use a person’s name in your marketing material – but you can still “personalize” your marketing message.

You’ll sell more, and sell quicker when, in all your marketing material, you talk more about your customer… than about you or your company.

Returning now, and for the last time, to hot dogs…

Since it’s highly unlikely that you’re the only hot dog vendor in town… you’ve also got to figure out why your customer should buy your hot dogs… and not your competitor’s.

Article Marketing Is Still Effective

Article marketing has been around for a few years. First, article marketing was a great way to gain content to ones site – soliciting article writers for their content. Next, article marketing became popular by helping to create backlinks to web sites. And now, article marketing is just becoming popular as a way to drive direct traffic to a web site.

Why the big shift? I think that the biggest shift lately has been that of the search engines repeatedly knocking out duplicate content, when that same content is submitted to 100′s of article directories, and filtering out duplicate content from AdSense sites, and that naturally allows strong, legitimate sites with article content to have their pages read more often. And that creates traffic for the article writer.

Article marketing in 2007 and beyond, I think, will focus on direct traffic to your web site from the traffic received by the article directories themselves. I think it will become a good action to write content specifically for the purpose of submitting to one web site, the #1 article directory, whichever that may be during a particular time frame, and gaining high search engine rank for the article itself, rather than focusing on getting your own web site high traffic levels directly from the search engines.

People are still making money online, it is still easy to make a full time income online, and in the year 2007 I think that article marketing will remain one of the easiest ways to get to a full time income online, starting from scratch.

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